Our Fleet

Hook Me Up Charters

Conch 33’

Behold the Conch 33′, a vessel born from the insights of master offshore anglers. Its expansive layout ensures your ultimate comfort and efficiency, with a huge fish box and multiple in-deck live wells that outmatch any competitor. Each line and curve on the Conch is designed for elegance and performance. You’ll cut through the waves for a ride that’s both exhilarating and serene, fast enough for the thrill-seekers yet fuel-efficient for the environmentally conscious. Stability is a given, whether you’re anchored, trolling, or cruising at top speeds. 

Torres 43’

The storied Torres 43 is a legend in its own right—a custom-built sportfishing charter boat that encapsulates the spirit of Key West’s rich fishing heritage. This 43-foot marvel redefines comfort on the high seas, with a generously sized, air-conditioned cabin that features two main bunks, a restroom, and extra seating to shelter from the sun. Known for its clean, fast performance, the Torres is the vessel of choice for those who seek both the thrill of the chase and the tranquility of the deep blue.

Parker 25’

For agility and precision, set your sights on the 25-foot Parker. This center console is equipped with a protective T-top and powered by robust twin Mercury engines, providing an impeccable blend of speed and maneuverability. The Parker is an excellent match for anglers who appreciate a spirited yet intimate connection with the sea, delivering you to the heart of the action without delay.

Ready to get Hooked Up?

Our fleet stands ready to transport you beyond the ordinary. Each Hook Me Up charter boat is a promise of adventure, a haven of comfort, and an assurance of satisfaction. Whether you’re con-tending for the catch of a lifetime or simply soaking in the majesty of the ocean, our vessels are your passage to the extraordinary.