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Hook Me Up Charters

Ready To Experience World-Class Fishing?

Your journey with Hook Me Up Charters is not just a trip, it’s a full-service fishing expedition tailored to your aspirations. When you step aboard, you’ll find everything prepared to the highest standards: ice-cold storage for the day’s catch, top-tier fishing tackle and equip-ment, and the steadfast guidance of a professional captain and mate – all aboard a tournament-rigged vessel designed for up to six guest anglers. Choose to hone your skills by fishing for live bait or let us take care of everything with pre-trip bait purchase options.

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Standard Fishing Trip

Immerse yourself in the art of trolling, experience the heart-pounding thrill of shark fishing, or delve into the rich marine life with vertical jigging and fly fishing. Feel the sea’s rhythm and the excitement of a potential catch with every cast.

Up to 6 passengers

Kitefishing with Live Bait

Feel the adrenaline as you engage in live bait kitefishing, where precision meets the thrill of anticipation in a spectacular aerial display. As the kites soar, your bait skims the surface, ready to entice the ocean’s most sought-after predators.

Up to 6 passengers


Embark on a quest for the elusive gladiators of the deep. A full-day swordfishing charter is a true test of endurance and skill, pitting you against some of the ocean’s most formidable opponents.

Up to 6 passengers

Deep Drop Trip

Venture into the unknown on a deep-drop trip that takes you into the abyss in search of the ocean’s hidden jewels. Feel the excitement build as your line descends into the deep, where extraordinary creatures await.

Up to 6 passengers

Sandbar Tour or Dinner Cruise

Ease off the reel and into relaxation with a tranquil sandbar tour or a picturesque dinner cruise. Drift on the gentle waves, savor the warmth of the setting sun, and enjoy the company of loved ones in a serene setting.

Up to 6 passengers

Burial at Sea

With reverence and care, we provide burial at sea services, offering a peaceful and dignified way to say farewell. Our dedi-cated crew ensures a solemn and respectful ceremony, set against the tranquility of the ocean.

Up to 6 passengers

What to Expect

We will have a cooler onboard loaded with plenty of ice and waters. If you wish to bring any other drinks, snacks, or lunch we will put it in our cooler for you. All fishing licenses are provided with the charter so no need to have one. We do advise to bring a jacket, sunglasses, and plenty of sun screen. All boats have life jackets on board. After your charter is over the crew will fillet your catch and pack it in bags for you. It is a good idea to have a cooler bag in your car or something to put the catch in once back at the dock.

Pickup Locations

Fort Pierce Charters – Please call 954-347-5606 or email for information on pick up as location may vary.

Questions? Call or Text 954-347-5606