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Welcome to Hook Me Up Charters – your gateway to epic offshore fishing! With over a quarter-century of seafaring experience in Florida and The Bahamas, our US Coast Guard-licensed captains and seasoned crew are dedicated to providing you with safe, exhila-rating, and unforgettable fishing trips. Specializing in everything from kite-fishing to deep-dropping, we’re experts at tailoring adven-tures for every skill level, ensuring fun for the whole family. Get hooked on the thrill of the chase with our world-class,
tournament-proven expertise. Ready for the catch of your life? Book with us and let the stories of the sea begin!

Fort Pierce Excursions

From the sleek, custom-built Torres 43 for those extended offshore battles to our agile 25-foot Parker, perfect for weaving through the waves to hook that trophy catch.

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Dive into the blue with Hook Me Up Charters, where the salt air is fresh and the fish tales are waiting to be made. Don’t let another day slip by without reeling in the big one. Contact us now to cast off on your unforgettable ocean escapade, or book your trip online today with just a few clicks. It’s seamless, it’s easy, and it secures your spot on deck for the ultimate fishing experience. Come aboard—adventure and brag-worthy catches await!

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